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Your Bottom Line Matters

We understand the financial bottom line is important when you're choosing a new pool sanitation system.

With our Total Cost of Ownership Case Study you'll see how our system stacks up against UV pool treatment systems when considering:

  • Baseline chlorine costs
  • Chlorine savings
  • Energy to operate
  • Annual maintenance
  • Upfront deployment capital

Clear Comfort's Advanced Oxidation Process creates powerful hydroxyl radicals that provide better disinfection than UV, ozone and traditional chlorine. 

Download the case study today to see why you should install Clear Comfort.




Why Clear Comfort

As consumers become more focused on health and wellbeing, your facility needs offer the healthiest, cleanest, safest environment possible. Commercial advanced oxidation pool treatment can help by significantly reducing disinfection byproducts and the associated “pool smell.” In addition, it lowers your risk of recreational water illnesses and reduces your downtime if one occurs. 

Clear Comfort offers:

  • Superior disinfection to UV and ozone
  • Efficient, effective destruction of Cryptosporidium 
  • Reduction in chlorine consumption — up to 80 percent
  • Low operating costs
  • Low system maintenance
  • Safer, healthier water for your patrons
  • Reduction in disinfection byproducts — 85 to 90 percent
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