Reduce chlorine in your pool

See the Estes Park Aquatic Center reduced chlorine by 70 percent

When chlorine is used as a method of pool treatment, it creates disinfection byproducts that are an irritant to eyes, skin and lungs. In addition, DBPs create a heavy, noxious chlorine smell that can permeate your facility beyond the pool area. Learn how this pool reduced DBPs for a healthier, more enjoyable experience for swimmers and staff with a system that complies with MAHC secondary sanitizer recommendations.


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Why Clear Comfort

With Clear Comfort's sustainable pool system, you will reduce chorine use and harmful chemicals and toxic disinfection byproducts, while destroying recreational water illnesses. A second layer of protection against Cryptosporidium and other chlorine-resistant RWIs, Clear Comfort also offers a solution to the MAHC's secondary sanitizer recommendation.

Superior to UV, Clear Comfort uses less energy, enables you to reduce chlorine use, and is less maintenance.

About Clear Comfort

Clear Comfort provides residential and commercial low chlorine and chlorine free pool systems. You can find Clear Comfort in universities, YMCAs, recreation centers, hotels and residences across the United States.

UL 1563: Electrical safety certification for pool equipment, verified by NSF
EPA: Registered to Section 7 of the FIFRA Act
NSF/ANSI 50: Equipment for Swimming Pools, Spas, Hot Tubs and Other Recreational Water Facilities