Dive Shop Is One Step Closer to Sustainability Goals

Ocean First, a dive shop in Boulder, Colorado, is a pioneer in sustainable business and travel. One of the organization’s primary sustainability goals was to decrease the chemicals the company used onsite in its pool. Today, Clear Comfort is helping them reach not just this goal, but it's water savings and energy reduction goals, as well.

The existing pool treatment solution presented the following challenges.
  • Chemical consumption and storage
  • Chemical impact on dive equipment
  • Operational challenges of UV:
    • UV energy use and electrical cost
    • Scale on UV bulb
    • UV bulb replacement cost
  • Chemical odor in the facility
  • Swimmer and staff eye, skin and lung irritation
Clear Comfort provides effective commercial pool disinfection and greatly reduces toxic chemical use. In addition, Clear Comfort is 10 times more energy efficient and two times more cost effective. Clear Comfort’s sustainable pool treatment system presented an opportunity for the dive shop to:
  • Reduce chemical cost, consumption and storage
  • Reduce the effect of chemicals on expensive diving equipment
  • Eliminate the high cost of UV pool treatment
  • Improve the pool environment for swimmers and divers

 With Clear Comfort, Ocean First has reached its sustainability goals for pool water treatment by decreasing chemical use, decreasing water consumption, and improving the environment for divers, swimmers and staff.

Staff and swimmers are exposed to less chemicals and chloramines, resulting in less eye, skin and lung irritation. In addition, their equipment will last longer!

Download the case study to get the full details.

Download the Case Study:

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“Three months after install our pool tested cleaner than tap water."

Mark, Ocean First