Ozone Pool System FAQ

Below, we answer common questions about Ozone pool treatment, and why Clear Comfort's chlorine alternative LifeGuard Technology is superior.

Is an ozone pool system chlorine free?

No, ozone pool systems are most efficient when combined with chlorine. Ozone acts as a secondary sanitizer, so chlorine should remain in the pool at all times.

How do ozone pool systems work?

Ozone pool systems replicate nature's oxidative process by injecting ozone through two different methods that differ based on pool size. The method for larger pools produces a large quantity and concentration of ozone through an electrical current. When air is exposed to the current, oxygen molecules are split and then combine to form O3. The method for smaller pools uses less ozone, and exposes oxygen to a specific spectrum of ultraviolet light in order to split the oxygen molecules.

How is Clear Comfort different from ozone pool systems?

Clear Comfort uses an Advanced Oxidation Process to produce powerful hydroxyl radicals that are five times more effective at oxidizing contaminants than ozone. In addition, the Clear Comfort system produces a low level of hydrogen peroxide that provides residual sanitation throughout the pool. Clear Comfort enables residential customers to reduce chlorine to a level comparable to drinking water or even chlorine free, while commercial pools can reduce chlorine use by as much as 80 percent. Ozone requires typical levels of chlorine for effective residual pool water treatment. 

Is ozone nontoxic and safe?

An ozone pool system requires chlorine for effective residual water sanitation, meaning chemical exposure and disinfection byproduct exposure remains similar to that of a traditional chlorinated pool. While ozone is toxic to humans, many ozone systems include an ozone destruct that destroys any ozone off-gas. 

What’s the alternative?

Clear Comfort's LifeGuard Technology is a chlorine alternative that does not produce chlorine or toxic disinfection byproducts. It is compatible with most pool systems, materials and equipment. In addition, it quickly and effectively destroys contaminants, including those that are chlorine resistant. 

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